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Halloween Event and More!

First I'd like to wish all you fellow East-coasters all the best in the upcoming storm. Stay safe everyone! Now onto the fun stuff.

Certainly, being in Discedo is bound to put some people on edge, especially at a time of year that is associated with hauntings and horror. Some characters will probably get a little anxious as the 31st approaches. Imagine their relief when the only things to pop up on Halloween are the standard porch decorations, jack-o'-lanterns, and bowls of candy corn. So much candy corn. Why, this might be a good day after all! You should throw on some warm clothes and--

Oh, what's that? Your whole closet has been replaced with Halloween costumes? Whoops. The costumes themselves range are standard things you'd find at a Halloween shop. Some of them silly, some you question why they exist, and some seem normal but turn out to be downright horrifying.

Look into our eyes and know Hell.

This costuming madness will last from October 31 to Nov 7 (so one week), at which point wardrobes will be restored to normal and the decorations will disappear. All things considered though, it's not such a bad way to spend the holiday. It might even be a relief to have life be akin to normal. Be thankful that nothing terrible is happening.

Not yet, anyway.

Because of that bitch Sandy (and the uncertainties of who will be without power/how long), the following event will take place Nov 5 to Nov 11. Yes, the two events will overlap, but only by a small margin. After your characters have had a chance to relax and enjoy themselves, they will unsurprisingly be thrown into a veritable chamber of terror. What else were you expecting?

A leaked conversation from a certain someone ([personal profile] settlethescore) will kick off the start of the event. But listen closely and characters can pick out a hopeful message in their words:

There is a way home. And characters may be able to seize the opportunity to get there.

But as we all know, sometimes things are too good to be true. That thought might not cross a character's mind at first though--they can finally get out and go home!--so they leap up to leave their apartment/building/residence to start looking for the way out

and come face-to-face with their worst nightmare.

Here's the deal: every door has the potential to be a portal. Not every door is a portal and not every door will affect everyone the same way. Where one person may wander through as though it was a perfectly normal entryway, another may find themselves in psychological Hell. There really is no telling. Unfortunately for characters, there are only three options.

A Normal Door. This is, sadly, the best outcome of the three. You walk through a doorway out to Marshall Street and you find yourself precisely on Marshall Street. Nothing new, nothing out of the ordinary, just same old Discedo. Then you turn around to head back inside. Perhaps you find yourself back in the building. Or perhaps you find yourself in…

Your Worst Nightmare. Weeping Angels? The mangled corpses of your loved ones with their mouths open to scream even from beyond the grave? Whatever it is, it's here. The door shuts tightly behind you and you aren't allowed out until you have been mentally fucked sideways. No matter how hard you try to rationalize it as a hallucination or simply try to escape, it's like there's something dark pressing at your mind, dragging you further and further downward. It isn't until you've snapped that the door will swing open.

In this instance, there will be psychological consequences. Insanity of varying types and degrees, murderous intent, severe depression, or utterly shutting down and slipping into a comatose state will afflict a character to the end of the event--and possibly beyond. Even after the event itself has lifted, characters may be slow to come out of their depression or fury. Maybe it's a residual effect that clings to their mind. Maybe they are having trouble picking up the pieces of their shattered psyche. Who knows. But there is a third option.

Home. Yes, it's home. Genuinely, truly, and real, characters will find themselves back on their own worlds. They can also find themselves in another characters' world! Anyone for adventuring around the Land of Ooo? Maybe solve some puzzles in London?

Ah, but of course, the bliss doesn't last. It doesn't last long at all. Characters will only get about five, ten minutes tops to enjoy their surroundings before they die. They just die. Feel free to use your imagination on this one--spontaneous explosion, hit by a car, whatever--but your characters have bit the big one. There is good news and bad news. They are both one in the same.

They will be dragged back into Discedo very much alive, but there will be something severely off. The world is dark or silent or they themselves will be rendered silent. Instantly they have lost their eyesight, hearing, or ability to speak, and none of these will be regained until later with the help of a scientist. That isn't the worst part though. Their missing sense will be accompanied by a strange feeling in their chest. It's actually kind of comforting. It's strong. It quickly grows and blossoms into something passionate, and almost feverish faith to the point of sheer delusion.

All directed at the Scientists.

Despite their condition, characters (regardless of their previous feelings of the Scientists) will fall under a borderline religious awe of them. They'll view them as veritable gods to be admired and feared. Sing their praises, write some scripture, and if you're feeling particularly bold, feel free to attack the heretics who dare to speak ill of such high beings. Though their missing sight, hearing, or speech will stay with them, this particular delusion will fade quickly at the end of the event.

Characters will not be missing these senses permanently; more details on when they will be restored will be posted at the end of the event. For now your job is to all be well and weather out the storm!
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[personal profile] mysterycross 2012-10-30 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
fight me

Would like some suggestions for the Doctor.

Also, I am currently in the midst of getting hit with Hurricane Sandy. We havn't lost power yet here, though my dorm does have a generator, the WiFi doesn't work with the generator. If I disappear for a period, everyone knows why. not like i'm that active anyway but
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[personal profile] gochuugoku 2012-10-30 05:19 am (UTC)(link)
Question: Will characters have to get their chips removed again if they die during the following event?
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[personal profile] tapdancinskelly 2012-10-30 06:22 am (UTC)(link)
What if the place that would be the worst nightmare is somewhere back home... and canonically it's been proven the character won't crack or go insane from being trapped there.

See, his worst nightmare would be if he found himself back on the broken Rumbar Pirate ship, the place he spent 50 years alone. However, there's really no way to make him snap cause... Brook just doesn't mentally snap o_O Would I then be able to have some sort other condition for him to be sent back?
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So sad I will not be around for most of this! I love dark plots!

I might sneak something in during my hiatus, if I'm not too distracted by twin times and con excitement.